A look back at the past few years despite standstill in the event industry

When the first Covid-19 cases were registered in Europe, we thought that maybe a few events in spring/summer will be cancelled. But none of us would have thought that the whole thing would drag on for multiple months / years. There was a time where we really didn‘t know how to move on.

However, we used this uncomfortable situation and started to see this from a different view.

We have continued our education in many new areas and were also able to make an important contribution outside our sector.

In the district vaccination centre in Meßstetten, we were able to actively support the Zollernalbkreis  with our experience and organizational talent for 9 months in 2021.


In addition, we also ran our own vaccination centre – the Coronazentrum Zollernalb- in our offices to further contribute to a quick return to normality.

In February 2022, We were again helping out in Meßstetten to prepare eveything for the accommodation of people from Ukraine. Many thanks to all the helpers and the many donations that have been received there.

It was a strange time, but we were still able to make a difference and that makes us quite proud of our whole team.