Sustainability in the event industry

The importance of sustainable action at events 

Sustainability is one of the major issues of our time. Mankind has long since recognized that it is high time for our planet to take action and act sustainably in order to stop the progression of climate change. For us, as an event agency in the middle of the event industry, these challenges cannot be overlooked. It is therefore our goal to implement sustainable events.

Why is sustainability so important, especially in the event industry? 

Wherever people come together, they leave behind not only positive traces, but also a considerable ecological footprint. Starting with the enormous amounts of energy required for lighting and technology, through large quantities of waste to the emissions caused by transportation and travel to and from the event – events are generally not very environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, personal contacts and networking are essential, as the recent crisis has impressively demonstrated. 

Many convention centers and hotels are leading by example and want to facilitate sustainable events, for example by promoting the expansion of renewable energies and developing energy-saving plans. 

How can you make events sustainable? 

As an event agency, we also always try to minimize our impact on the environment when planning an event. The measures we take wherever possible: 

  • Use of local, seasonal, and organic food for event catering  
  • Use of reusable or compostable packaging and tableware  
  • Use of water dispensers instead of disposable plastic bottles or provision of reusable cups  
  • Waste management during and after the event to ensure proper waste separation Local event suppliers for AV, furniture, exhibits, and accessories to reduce transportation distances  
  • Use of public transport tickets for participants to minimize private transport  
  • Use of recyclable or reusable name badges and lanyards  

Methods for implementing social sustainability 

  • Selection of an event location with the most accessible routes possible and inclusion of minorities and disadvantaged groups  
  • Using technology as ethically as possible during the event 
  • Respect for data & privacy protection  
  • Ensuring fair and appropriate working conditions for event staff  

Ellis EVENTS could help you make your brand presence sustainable 

The challenges of successfully implementing sustainable measures in the event industry cannot be overlooked. Nevertheless, the growing trend towards sustainability gives cause for hope. More and more companies are turning to environmentally friendly practices in their live communication to bring about positive change. We, as an event agency, can help to plan possible sustainable measures and make events sustainable. 

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